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DeathRun Server (DK)

DeathRun Server (DK)

Feb 8, 2013

Last week, we added a new server to our server farm, this is a DeathRun server.


What is DeathRun?

In DeathRun, there is only one player on the Terroist team and the rest is Counter-Terroist’s. CT’s mission is to go through the map, and then maybe kill the Terroist at the end. But it is not that easy, because the Terroist go along with the CT’s and push some buttons that trigger traps for the CT’s, so they have to avoid them.
It is a fun gameplay, so come and join us! ;)


You can join the server by hitting this link or add “deathrun.css.epalz.dk:27015” to your favorites.


//ePalz Management

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